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Default Re: The Official Joker Costume Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by kwlandscaping View Post
I had it made. I picked out the best material at Ben Franklins along with a vest from one of my suits and the pic from the movie and took them to a seamstress in town. Its a lil small but works. The material is actually carried around to the back which isnt SA but it works. Oh, and I all sorts of little secret pockets sewn inside..
Nice. I got my vest, pants, and jacket from (AKA, but could probably have saved some money if I were a little more enterprising.

As for the tie, I saw some Stafford ties last year at a JC Penney that looked pretty darn close to the Joker's ties, for about $30 each or somewhere around there. If I hadn't already ordered the Magnoli tie, I would probably have picked one up.

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