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Default Re: Edgar Wright's Ant-Man

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
Just because they are shootin in the UK doesn't mean the lead actors will be British.

Captain America First Avenger, X-Men:Fist Class, Superman 3 and 4, Thor 2, Burton and Nolan Batman films all filmed in the UK as well. They had plenty of American and Canadian actors.

Even if they did cast British actors I still think they will do American accents.
Of course it doesn't mean the actors *have* to be British; it's just that the fact that Wright is overwhelmingly a "British" director who's set all but one or two of his movies in England. Couple that with the fact that this report indicates all the filming takes place in the UK, and, well. Marvel Studios could afford to diversify to reach other markets, like the UK and Europe.


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