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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances?

Originally Posted by Robin91939 View Post
The League of Shadows' motivation was to seek out and destroy corruption in its various forms. They view the contemporary and accepted justice/legal system to be fundamentally flawed and broken and feel that it is their job to fix it. And to them, fixing it means destroying and bringing down those systems entirely.

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post
Sorry, dude, but to me Al-Qaeda's ideology/mission statement is bullcrap. Geopolitical bullcrap. No research will ever make their actions justifiable.

The LOS under Talia & Bane was (like Al-Qaeda) attacking America for being America: Corrupt, excessive, bloated, petty, ignorant, arrogant & above all - completely unaccountable for anything.

Nolan did a great job fleshing out the parallels between this new LOS faction & Al-Qaeda. The whole "hang them where the world can see" bit pretty much confirms it. That and the fact that Bane was picked up by the CIA in Kazakhstan & The Lazarus Pit was in Syria.
And this.

Also...honestly, the way Bane talked about fulfilling Ra's al Ghul's destiny had this quasi-religious resonance to it, as if Ra's was some kind of higher being that they all believed in and that his destiny had to be fulfilled. Especially when you consider that Ra's al Ghul is Arabic for The Demon's Head. Alfred mentions Bane having the "power of belief". I think the idea is there. The opening scene of the movie shows us that these people are willing to die for their cause at a moment's notice and have a deep conviction about what they're doing.

I think having the League of Shadows in these films is a good way to incorporate the idea of radical extremists and terrorism, fears relevant to our times, without getting too topical and specific about it that it stops being "Batman". And they stayed true to the general purpose behind the League of Assassins in the comics.

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