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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Plus, I can't imagine why on God's green earth would Warner Bros. even attempt to release the Justice League film in 2015..of all the years? I mean you have the sequel to the Avengers coming out in that year, and Star Wars Episode 7 as well, and potentially Avatar 2 from what I heard.

The JLA film would literally get lost in the shuffle, and at least those films above have something productive going on for their productions; as far as we've heard, not so much the case for the JLA film.

Seriously, if Warner Bros. ends up destroying Superman's franchise because of the disaster that is JLA, then...oh, idk..but damn, it's times like this where I wish another studio had rights over the character.
It baffles me too.

And something like World's Finest would be SO MUCH more sensible to start off with, and even that i'd rather leave until after MOS2 and one rebooted Batman movie at least.

And I think a World's Finest movie leads so easily into a JL movie.

And can you imagine the hype for a JL movie, AFTER a World's Finest movie had been successful and got everyone gaging for more?

Why on earth do they not see that there are other options than just pointing at The Avengers and going 'I want one of those', without even considering how potentially destructive that knee jerk reaction could be to their reputation and their already existing superhero franchises.

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
If anything, this is what I would describe our association with Superman films:

1. STM: First Love/High School Sweetheart; the one that you never really forget about.

2. SII: After your first breakup with your first sweetheart, you guys get back together, only for something stupid to break you guys apart in the end again.

3. SIII & SIV: The One Night Stands that we'd like to forget.

4. SR: The Rebound; basically, the person that we thought could have been the one, but turns out, we were projecting memories of our first love onto them that blinded us from seeing for what they were really worth.

5. MOS: Potentially, THE LOVE of our life that we had been waiting for all of this time.

6. JLA: The Evil ex of the true love of your life that comes in and ruins it all for you.


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