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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
It baffles me too.

And something like World's Finest would be SO MUCH more sensible to start off with, and even that i'd rather leave until after MOS2 and one rebooted Batman movie at least.

And I think a World's Finest movie leads so easily into a JL movie.

And can you imagine the hype for a JL movie, AFTER a World's Finest movie had been successful and got everyone gaging for more?

Why on earth do they not see that there are other options than just pointing at The Avengers and going 'I want one of those', without even considering how potentially destructive that knee jerk reaction could be to their reputation and their already existing superhero franchises.

Indeed; hell, a meeting between Superman and Batman alone on the big screen is perhaps bigger than the Avengers having gotten together for the first time.

Originally Posted by Dr Magneto Doom View Post
I think if they are planning to make a trilogy then Man Of Steel II should have Brainiac as the villain and maybe introduce Lex Luthor somewhere in the film. They then should end the movie with Superman maybe being close to defeat or defeated and continue the story in the 3rd part with perhaps Lex Luthor as the main and final villain before JL the movie?

I don't know how or what way but i really believe Brainiac would be the best villain to use that could match Superman and not be OTT. They could always introduce some of the JL members in part 3 that give Superman a hand to defeat whatever Villain it may be? and then go into the JL movie with perhaps Darkseid as the main villain. There are a few other characters that they could easily include as side villains like Metallo or even Bizarro if needed be.
The thing is though, and this is something that I've wondered as well, should a main character's who's journey started in a solo film, be concluded within their own solo films..or within the ensemble film? I'm curious to see on how Marvel will do this as well.

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