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Originally Posted by AvengerPA View Post
Now that we know that he is in the film, War Machine is now number one on the death list.
No. No, he's not number one on the death list.

The fact that he plays a "key role" in the conflict against Ultron in no way, shape or form indicates he's going to die. Just that he'll be a major player in the fight.

Originally Posted by Gunga Diner View Post
Kill Tony. Because he's the one we'll miss the most, and he's the one who's grown the most. He's completed his arc, and I don't want an Avenger to die unless it'll be significant.
If there's going to be an Avenger death at all, it needs to be a meaningful one. And you couldn't ask for a more meaningful, more emotional, more death than Tony Stark, the flagship of the studio.

And that, of course, sets up the inevitable on his "surprise" return in Avengers 3.


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