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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

All I’ll say is this:

  • I’ve never been the biggest fan of scenarios where a hero ousts himself to the world in regards to his hero identity because I’ve never really seen the consequences of such actions fully explored. Given that Oliver is sure to have made a lot of enemies as GA already, along with how he’s not bulletproof by any means or has a security guard with him 24/7, it doesn’t make sense for me at least to think that someone wouldn’t try attack him or kill him in a assassination attempt when he’s made himself to be such a easy target.

  • In regards to Clark’s issue, I will admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of how they went about it, especially since after making a big deal about the glasses on how they forgot to have Clark wear them at his own wedding. Be that as it may, the impression that I’ve been getting is that Clark hasn’t shown his face as Superman for the Entire world to see and that he only allows certain people (namely the ones that he’s rescued who have never met him before as Clark Kent) to see his face. So rather than always blurring away, he probably allows people to see him from a distance when he’s flying.

Note: Rockstar, I know that people have a right to their own opinions here, but seriously dude, you need to cut back with the insults that you throw at people around here man.

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