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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Honestly when it comes down to it, the fault really lies on the fact that the producers waited way too long to initiate some important key elements in the formation of Clark’s alter ego.

There’s no excuse imho as to why the show had to wait till the series finale for Clark to fully tap into this flying powers, let alone on how they had him wait till the second half of season 10 before he started wearing glasses.

If they were smart about it, I would have had Clark wearing glasses back in season 3. You could argue that Clark could have come up with that idea as a way of trying to conceal the fact that he was running around in Metropolis as Kal for a few months and didn’t want people to notice him. If you add that to the idea that Clark found it valuable when people thought he was normal based on his near blinding accident with a run in from a meteor freak, then that would have helped.

As for flying, I could accept that Martian Manhunter and Hawkman could fly since they’re not kryptonian, but when you start bringing in Kryptonians who can fly miles around Clark, let alone ones who have not had as much yellow sunlight radiation as he has had, then it just gets ridiculous.

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