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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by The Incredible Hulk View Post
I've never bought this. Even if you had never met Clark until the day after Superman "came out" to the World and had only ever seen him with his glasses, it would take all of about 30 seconds to figure out he was Superman.

There's no realistic way to go about this, never has been, especially given he sits across a desk from the best investigative reporter on the planet (although not an issue on Smallville) and his arch nemesis is a billionaire with a genius-level intellect.

It's just part of the suspension of disbelief that you buy into when you come aboard with the legend.
It's easier to suspend belief when there's some logic behind the CK disguise.

It doesn't necessarily have to be 100% realistic, but I believe directors like Donner used the word "verisimilitude" to describe it. There has to be a visible change in Superman's appearance (hair, glasses, work suit), voice, mannerisms, posture etc to allow his Clark Kent disguise to fade into the background. That's the best way to sell it to an audience.

It's thin, but it can work. Smallville's take on it completely compromises the slim believability of that.

Originally Posted by The Incredible Hulk View Post
People still going on with the hearsay about Welling not wanting to wear the suit? C'mon people, we got past this over a year ago.

There was no suit for him to wear, it was never in the producers plans. Souders and Peterson confirmed this.
That interview sounds interesting. I must have missed it. Do you have the link by any chance?

I don't understand why the producers would go to all the effort of CGIing Superman in order to have him physically there in the finale, yet not want Tom Welling to wear the Superman tights?

After ten years, they could have easily made a costume for him. I mean they went to all the effort to make this for just one scene basically:

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