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Default Re: Lesson Number One: LOUNGING, There Is No Such Thing!

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
It's a matter of individual taste. I grew up with Silver Age Marvel Comics, so the visual styles of various artists are very familiar to me and I enjoy them. Artists like Kirby, both Buscemas, Starlin, Steranko, Gil Kane, Ditko, Romita Sr., Cockrum, Adams, etc., were and remain giants of the field. They were expert visual storytellers, working in conjunction with some of the best writers ever to grace the medium. If you put the worst work of those artists up against the best work being turned out today, I would still choose the old masters over the current crop of artists.
yup totally get where you're coming from cause I'm a 22 year old who's never read a comic in my life hehe I just can't get into them for some reason. as they say, to each their own

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