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Default Re: Goku vs Superman

Originally Posted by Marburystarbury
LMAO. Goku would get owned by superman. Superman is too fast for goku.

Goku would wreck Supermans ass soooooo badly. We're talking about the greatest martial arts master in the universe here (trained by gods) with the abilty to fight faster than light and reduce planets to dust with his little finger

Originally Posted by ViscaBarcaInter
Teen geared epic?

You MUST be joking.

If by teen, you mean 8 year olds, then maybe. A cartoon like Batman can be watched by teens, because it's not violent enough to be totally adult, yet contains enough character driven stories and plots to be interesting to non child viewers.

Dragonball is little more than stupid names, bad animation and wierd noises. In fact, maybe it IS for teens, because you'd need to be a typical teen alcoholic/pot head to enjoy such a thing.
So I take it its not your cup of tea then?

Then again since so many people over the age of eight actually like it that kind of leaves your little theory in tatters doesn't it? Talk about generalisation Dragonball is a comedy/action shonen anime. Always has been. Its not supposed to be serious like Batman The Japs have a crap load of anime that caters for that. Bah who cares anyway since Drgaonball has always outsold Batmans ass. In fact most manga (even the crappy ones) do

X-men anime intro 1

X-men anime intro 2

The Japanese show you how its done:o

Yes I like Dragonball, feel free to bring it up when you disagree with me on ANY subject. Everyone else does

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