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Originally Posted by James View Post
It's funny because I'm not sure they've ever clarified, but I always thought Order 66 was something the Clones couldn't disobey. Like it was one of a long list of special orders implanted in their brains during their creation, just like an automatic robotic response. Perhaps afterward they would be like "What have I done?!" but at the time their eyes glaze over and they just follow the order.

Unless of course the Clone in question was defective in that manner, or part of a batch that was made before the order-implants were installed. In any case I've never felt like they had any real choice in the matter, to the point where the Clones weren't aware those orders even existed inside them until the word is given. This reasoning always made a lot more sense to me than soldiers who've fought side by side with the Jedi for years, in some cases even forming friendships, suddenly and unquestionably opening fire just because Palpatine told them too. One would also imagine, during all that time, at least one Clone would have made mention of Order 66 to a Jedi if the Clones were aware of it.
Well, originally i thought this might be the case, but after watching CW the way i see it clones were made to follow orders (obviously) but we've seen some are prone to not obey when they think something is wrong. I thought the whole Krell storyline was very interesting in that sense, and that other episode where a clone simply left and got married. So the line's a bit more blurred to me now, and i do think there's a possibility that some could disobey it.

Also, i remember someone saying (i think it was Lucas) that the clone kinda takes the traits of the jedi he works with, which is why we see Cody more of a proper clone while Rex can be a bit more of a rebel who thinks outside the box because of his relationship with Anakin.

I havent read anything official about it anywhere so i could be mistaken, but i believe i read somewhere is that the jedi didnt know about Order 66 because it wasnt pre-programmed like the others. That it was something that Palpatine added later, as a last resort kinda thing. I cant remember the source at all though, so again this is not certain.

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