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Default Re: The Leaks and Spoilers discussion (*MAJOR SPOILER WARNING*)

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
Think of why the Children of the Forest made him. They were at war with the First Men. Out of desperation they turned a First Man into the NK. Intending the NK to destroy the First Men. But the Children werent able to control him and he created other white walkers and wights and subjugated the North creating a perpetual winter. This led to the Long Night. Eventually the Childeen and First Men seem to have locked the White Walkers in the North behind the Wall.

I dont think the NK wants a kingdom. He is like a virus. He was created to destroy mankind. And he is trying to do what he was created to do. Anything in his way is destroyed or turned into a wight. I think that makes him much much more frightening. He isnt evil. He isny greedy. He doesnt think in terms of right and wrong. And he can't be bargained with.
Can he be vaccinated against?

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