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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Speculation

Originally Posted by krylonshadow View Post


X-Men Trilogy timeline (2013?):
Post-X3 Magneto seeks revenge on humans. He finds a mutant named Forge.
Magneto uses one of Forge's inventions to send Mystique's mind into her 1960's body.
First Class / Dystopian timeline (1963-20xx):
Mystique convinces 1960's Magneto to assassinate JFK and frame it on the X-Men.
Mutants are blamed for the JFK assassination, leading to the mutant oppression.
FAST FORWARD: The last few mutants struggle to fight off the onslaught of sentinels.
Magneto is found held captive in an internment camp and is rescued by the mutants.
Magneto reveals the truth about what he did to change the future, dying shortly after.
Forge invents his machine and sends a mutant back to the 1960's to stop Magneto.
New First Class timeline (1963):
The time-traveler goes and tells the X-Men what Magneto plans to do.
The X-Men and the Brotherhood have a long epic battle as they always do.
The X-Men prevent Magneto from assassinating JFK and having it blamed on them.
JFK is assassinated anyway, by the Comedian!
...and thus epic X-Men - Watchmen crossover universe!

Avengers...who?! Justice League...what?!

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