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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
Romantic plot - MOS wins hands down.

Writing - both kind of mediocre, with plot holes and some really cheesy dialogue - A tie.

Comedy - Obviously Thor takes it.

Emotion - MOS hands down, I cried I bunch in MOS, but didn't cry in TDW, even though I felt like I should have wanted to.

Score - MOS hands down. So much more uplifting and memorable to me.

Visuals - I think I'd give it to MOS because the fight scenes just looked so different and exciting. Both had some beautiful epic shots, but MOS also had the more moody Malickesque stuff too.

Villain - MOS hands down. He was given so much more to work with (and I didn't think that was much!)

Yeah, MOS is the clear winner!
I think the action is MUCH better in Thor as you can actually tell what the heck is going on and it doesn't feel like you are watching the same thing over and over again. If I'm honest I thought the action in MoS was RUBBUSH. What elevates MoS is the character moments that are far better than Thor but MoS is a genre movie so action is at least as important as drama and on the action, MoS (for me) failed.

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