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Default Re: The [Superman and Batman] composer thread

Originally Posted by shallbecomeabat View Post
All Marvel movies had crap scores so far, and I know that WB won't go down that route.
I disagree with you about the Marvel scores. I don't know if you mean MCU films or Marvel films in general. Either way I can think of a few I prefer over Zimmer's TDKT and MOS scores. Kamen's X1, Ottman's X2, Powell's X3, Elfman's two Spidey scores and Hulk score, Doyle's Thor score, Silvestri's CA:TFA score, Horner's TAS-M score for example.

Oh and when it comes to the current DC film scores they've already taken a weak path, imo. They took the generic, droning, Zimmer path with TDKT, GL, and of course MOS.

They also won't change composers in the middle of a series, like Marvel did many times (which always boggles my mind).
You're right about that. Who was scoring TAS-M2 again?

I would bet money that Zimmer returns, since he just did a wonderful new theme for Superman and they won't cast that aside now.
I would look forward to the movie a lot less, if Zimmer wouldn't be involved. I loved his MoS score and still hear a few parts of it almost every day.
I really hope he reuses a lot of the great parts of the first one, adds a new Batman thing, thats a bit different from his old ones and we are good to go.

I mean I would love if he would incorporate his old Batman themes, but I don't think they will do that. It could confuse people.
Oh I believe Zimmer will return for the S&B movie unfortunately, since it's supposed to be a sequel to MOS.

And I disagree about Zimmer's Superman theme being wonderful. It was forgettable to my ears. And a disgrace to the character, imo.

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