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Default Re: Season 1, Episode 2 "Code of the Streets" (USE SPOILER TAGS!)

Misty is a Baller!

Paul McGuigan bringing some of his Sherlock directing flair to Misty's crime scene breakdown.

I guess the Chicago lie was a nod to Cage Chicago years in the nineties comics and Atlanta is where Luke's father moved to live when he got remarried in the comics.

Cage doing some trademark leg work hunting down sources in the street.

Can you fly johnny?
Originally Posted by Mike Murdock View Post
I meant to say this last time, but it's more appropriate here. They're really not shying away from the N-Word and I'm glad for that. I think it's very appropriate for this story and it's used effectively in the bookending scenes.

Some of the cultural things are hard for me to understand. I understood Shaft, but what was the other one? Kenyatta? Likewise, Pop's swear - "Gave you some..." I couldn't quite make out.

The scene with Chico showing up was great. You could cut the tension with a knife. I loved Turk this episode ("I'm going back to Hell's Kitchen where it's safe"). He was great. Ironically, he had a bit of old school Luke Cage with "I just want my money," although without the moral compass.

I love the Reform story with Pops. The point is that people who are young can change. So far the most sympathetic story to offenders and the cycle of recidivism is Ant-Man, so I'm glad to see this story address that. Unforately, I didn't think Pops would make it out of the season alive. I didn't expect it to be this early though. I'm glad that Cottonmouth Stokes didn't actually want to cross that line. I like that Cottonmouth has nothing to do with snakes. It's an interesting change of pace and helps with Diamondback. I also find Mariah to be pretty sympathetic.

Random notes: Misty Knight played Basketball at Temple. I mentioned I was a Basketball nerd. To add to that, I'm from Philly, so I hope they make it canon in the comics that she went there. I think this episode established that her partner is Scarfe, who I know pretty much only from Blood on the Streets.
Scarfe is sort of Jim Gordon like in the the comics. Scarfe seems more sardonic in this show.

Turk is s such a cockroach. Turk should probably be dead by now five time over.

Walter Mosley who is the writer of the hard boiled black private investigator Easy Rawlins books got name checked. Mosley's Devil in a Blue Dress, was the basis of the 1995 movie starring Denzel Washington.

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