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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 144

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
If they had went the smaller, Hugo Strange route, I think no matter how good it would have turned out...if in this imaginary scenario it came out there was a version of the script setting on the shelf that was influenced by Dark Knight Returns, Knightfall and No Man's Land, Bane of the Demon, The Demon Trilogy etc...I'm pretty sure I'd be like, "Why the f*** didn't we get that movie? Cause it sounds epic."

And it was
Oh man hahah. If I saw a really cool Strange movie then heard we could have had a combo of those graphic novels, with something of a left turn..i would be pretty annoyed. Im sure everyone here would be complaining just as much as they are now. There's always stuff to complain about!

Quite frankly, I wouldn't sacrifice Tom Hardy's version of Bane for Hugo Strange. Even if Strange was played by Christoph Waltz (which is still a great option!), I still wouldn't trade.

Bane has been a huge favorite of mine since I was a kid. It SHOCKED me when I heard the news. I was disappointed cuz I was looking forward to Strange but I always prefer the unpredictable route.

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc

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