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Default Re: Spider-Man WTC Theater Banner

Originally Posted by matthooper
Are there any markings, either at the bottom or top? Anything from the studio. If not, it doesn't mean it's not real, it might be more for me to go on. Also, where did you get it?

The quality of the printing is usually the best way to tell. Replicas, especially ones made in Asia, are usually cheap looking.
The one I have has all of the trademark logos on the bottom including that of Marvel, Columbia, and a Copyright disclaimer. They are very crisp in clarity except for the Columbia logo which seems to be a little "faded." (Probably, from printing such a small detailed logo.) But couldn't there be replicas with the logos on them?

I actually got this one off of Ebay from here in the states. I keep trying to contact the guy to follow up about its origins but he never emails or phones back. I've seen a Spider-Man 2 banner and if you're wondering how the quality between these two compare, the quality of the Spider-Man 2 banner seems to be better. I'm not saying that the Spider-Man WTC is horrible in quality. On the contrary, it's amazing but there is a noticable difference (when looking up close,) but that's just my opinion.

Other details: This SM WTC banner hangs using a wooden rod. There are no metal grommets. The print is uniform except for the "3 May 2002" which appears to be done in a high glossy print, distinct from the rest of the banner. On the back of the banner, the vinyl is gray (no print.)

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