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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

Mind you, i didnt like Bryan Singers treatment for x3 so if he had stayed im wondering if x3 would of been any better. Mind you i dont really blame bret ratner... this movie was almost made without a director so everything was thought off before bret came to the movie.

To me, this is what should of happend...
> The only main cast members should of been, Professor X, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Iceman, Rogue, Pyro, Magneto & Mystique...
"Non of the above should of died in the movie"
> The only new characters to the mix should of been Beast, Gambit, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost & Avalanche... and they should of had roles only just larger than a cameo with exception to Sebastian Shaw who would serve as the main protagonist.

The Cure - storyline should not of been used, it is a good story but merging it with the phoenix saga was a mistake.

The story should of just focused on the growing war between humans and mutants, fuled by those who would profit and gain from such war.

The story should of been as follows...

After the collapse of the alkali lake, Shaw industries has begun work to fix the structure. were upon they find Jean Grey... alive. Shaw industries is an umbrella corporation that secretely funded strykers work. However Shaw industries is a mutant based organisation who benifits from the conflict of the war between humans and mutants. Anyway one of there members Emma Frost discovers the potential Jean Grey has and Shaw Industries plans to use this to fule the war between humans and mutants for there own profit. Elsewhere at the xavier instatue, Beast has returned from his research facility to help teach at the school and lend a hand with the x-men team as there now limited in numbers. cyclops is a broken man unable to lead the team, he leaves. Leaving Storm to lead the team which now consists of Iceman and Rogue. Rogue has now become more confident with her powers and wolverine takes them on a danger room session where this is shown, however we also see Iceman and Rogue drift apart. Iceman becomes obessed with finding Pyro and facing him in confrontation, Iceman is angry he left to join Magneto, it is this that is why Rogue feels they are drifting apart. The school is continuing on when Jean awakes at the Hellfire Club. Professor Xavier senses her, the x-men join to go find her, however cyclops who had left but had a psychic link to jean sensed she was alive and goes solo to find her. Elsewhere - Magneto is in hiding, with Mystique and Pyro plotting there next move. We learn of two new mutants that has joined his brotherhood, Avalanche and Gambit - Avalanche just loves distruction where as Magneto found a use in a thief to steal plans on anything the humans were upto.

The whole story will centre on Sebastian Shaw who uses the Phoenix to cause a threat that the humans would try to retaliate - maybe sentinals... but not giant robots. Which are being manufactured by Shaw Industries making them alot of money. As the x-men try to stop Phoenix and failing, Cyclops is the only one that is able to break Jean from the Phoenix persona. Re-initating him as the leader of the x-men. However the damage is too late as she has sparked a war with Magneto and his brotherhood. you still get the iceman vs pyro fight. However Gambit plays a sort of big role as he wasnt entirely sure about magnetos plan and when the war starts and falling for Rogue he joins to help the x-men. As sentinals are deployed and Cyclops and Jean renew there faith in each other, Jean becomes the phoenix again but a good phoenix and destroys all the sentinals in a scene similar to how jean atomized everythin in alcatraz in x3 - she also kills the hellfire club after exposing them behind the war to the world.

after that a new peace treaty is signed which is all following xaviers dream. Magneto has a renewed faith in humanity losing his hatrid and finally bringing xavier and magneto to being friends again. the brotherhood are disbanded but the conflict between pyro and iceman still continues... to which Iceman leaves the school to join X-Factor - which is established by the goverment.

This all has set up for the 4th movie where the legacy virus would bring back Magneto's hatrid for humanity. and also introduce Sinister

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