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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

Cyclops I think is a general consensus. The leader of the X-men barely made it into the last two films. He could have done so much more and Jean and Wolverine relationship was so mishandled. Jean should not have been that close......but hey I'm an Emma Scott supporter.

I gotta disagree about the villains. The movies can't have every bad guy in there and for the story Magneto and Stryker worked. Now a new series would need to look elsewhere but the trilogies weren't worse for not having other bad guys.

Honestly the biggest issue was the team dynamic and making Wolverine the star. I never felt that the X-men were a team. I never felt that these people would die for each other. We know a lot more about wolverine then anyone else. Honestly do we even know where Storm comes from? In the comics we know she is from africa and in a cut in in origins she is from africa. But in the film versions we only know her name and powers.


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