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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
Maroni was essential in TDK. He was the face of the mob that Gordon/Batman/Dent formed the alliance to stop. As for Scarecrow, it is not a great comparison. He didn't get NEARLY the screentime Widow did, and even there, he served the purpose of showing how Gotham was changing from typical thugs/gangs to freaks and people more willing to stand up to the Bat (he said Batman took out all other people to buy from).

Coulson could have spied on Stark from afar. As for tech prowess...we had hackers working for Stark trying to break in at the expo. Someone could have broken the connection there, as opposed to having to go to Hammer's building. Or, Iron Man could have did it by defeating Rhodey and doing some kind of high impact move that broke the connection. There were ways around it.
Now you're trying to completely change story aspects to write her out. I can still say the same for Maroni. We could've gave those scenes to Chechen, or we could've gotten rid of him from the script completely as Gamble and Chechen were examples of the change too. Its a little ridiculous to suggest alternatives when she worked for the film. You act as if she was getting major focus in the film.

She didn't ruin the movie so I wonder why people are complaining about this. People act like she had gotten more screentime than Stark.

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