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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post

Even if Natasha was not needed, her presence was definitely not offensive so i dont see why so many of you whine about it. Could it have been some other agent? Sure. But why would you use some random agent when you can use her, a character so loved by all the fans? And lets not forget the added bonus of Scarlett's looks and her great fighting scene that puts Nolan's Batman to shame.
I'm not trying to say IM needs to be more like the Batman's or make this a TDK discussion. I only even commented on TDK cause you cited examples from it.

I wouldn't mention anything about her if it wasn't for the amount of screentime she had. She had too much screentime to not get more development or be used for things less developed characters could have done and been less distracting.

Like I said before, I enjoyed IM2. But, just because I liked it doesn't mean I didn't see flaws.

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
Now you're trying to completely change story aspects to write her out. I can still say the same for Maroni. We could've gave those scenes to Chechen, or we could've gotten rid of him from the script completely as Gamble and Chechen were examples of the change too. Its a little ridiculous to suggest alternatives when she worked for the film. You act as if she was getting major focus in the film.

She didn't ruin the movie so I wonder why people are complaining about this. People act like she had gotten more screentime than Stark.
Gamble and Chechen served other purposes.

I really don't want to make this a TDK discussion, please don't ask me to go into more detail on it

I didn't say she ruined the movie. But, she was a flaw. She either needed character development (given the amount of time she had on screen) or written out completely.

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