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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
Why did she need character development? Did Fury have any? Did Coulson or Tony's mentor (cant remember his name) have any in IM1?
She was there to spy on Tony and she did that. She was a supporting character to the story and she did just fine.

Does a character have to have development in order to be in a movie? Cause i know thousands of good supporting characters who dont get any development.
When you're in as much of the film as she was, YES! Yinsen and Fury have valuable screentime and move the plot along, while at the same time revealing things about themselves and Tony. Widow doesn't do that. She is just...there. Look at Fury. You got feel for his character and learned things about him and his history with SHIELD, and he is in the film no more than 5 mins. Same with Yinsen in IM1. There is being in the movie for a reason and to bring something out of a character, and then there is just being in the movie. Widow is just in the movie. I would have preferred she had a moment in the film like Fury had when he discussed his father and asked if he was the man his father described. I wish she had 1 moment like in IM1 like ANY of Yinsen's scenes that challenged the man Stark was and to bring him to change. With all the screentime she had in the movie, she should have had a moment like that. Coulson is in the film for like...1 minute, while Widow is in a good portion of the film. She needed more to do.

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
I think the problem is that people were expecting more than they got of BW. I was fine with how she was used. She wasn't the focus of the film, so why are people complaining that she had too little to do. The main focus was on Stark, Pepper, Rhodey, Hammer, and Vanko. Like I said several times, she served her purpose.
She was given too much screentime for such a minimal purpose. I never felt like Stark, Pepper, Rhodey, Hammer, or Vanko had wasted screentime. Nor Fury. Nor Yinsen. Just her.

Originally Posted by HappyPalooza View Post
In a movie that had so much going on, her inclusion took up too much space away from the rest of the bits that were essential and could've been replaced by very minor plot adjustments. That was the one major flaw I thought walking out of the movie.
This is exactly what I am saying. With the amount of screentime she was given, she didn't contribute enough to the film. If you give a character that much screentime, they need developed.

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