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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
When you're in as much of the film as she was, YES! Yinsen and Fury have valuable screentime and move the plot along, while at the same time revealing things about themselves and Tony. Widow doesn't do that. She is just...there.
That was the point. She was there to spy, not steal the scenes.

There is being in the movie for a reason and to bring something out of a character, and then there is just being in the movie. Widow is just in the movie.
She had a reason. SHIELD needed someone to spy on Stark now that Coulson has compromised his identity. And who could have been better than a super spy hottie that would instantly get Tony's attention and he would give her a job next to him?
She reported back to Fury about everything going on, so they came when Tony lost it, and then she helped him by rebooting WM.
I would have preferred she had a moment in the film like Fury had when he discussed his father and asked if he was the man his father described. I wish she had 1 moment like in IM1 like ANY of Yinsen's scenes that challenged the man Stark was and to bring him to change. With all the screentime she had in the movie, she should have had a moment like that.
Why, why, why, why?
Why does a character need to change the protagonist to be in the movie? Did the Chechen or Maroni do that to Batman? She had a role and her role was to spy and help Tony. And she did that. She was part of SHIELD along with Coulson and Fury and SHIELD had a bigger role this time. Dont look at her as "Natasha", but as Shield. It could have been any other agent because the plot required someone to be there and report to Fury so that he could come and save Tony later.

Not every character has to tell us about his/her childhood or affect the protagonist.
This is exactly what I am saying. With the amount of screentime she was given, she didn't contribute enough to the film. If you give a character that much screentime, they need developed.
But she was just there spying while other things were happening. She didnt take the scenes to herself and do nothing with them. She was there in the background with Happy while Tony was talking with Pepper, she was there to help Pepper leave the mansion when Tony was duking it out with Rhodes, she was there when Tony and Pepper were talking in her office, etc.
She never had a scene to herself other than two occasions:
1) "How would you celebrate your last birthday?"
2) Her fight scene.

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