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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Q:I thinkTDKR shows how everything Batman is used to do with everybody doesn't work with Selina (and Bane, in another way), for example the fact he hides on the shadows and she saw him (“don't be shy”) and even the “thank you” think, he refused to accept Gordon thanking him and Selina not just didn't thanked (“You're welcome!) and later vanished like he did with Gordon. Did you saw more things like that between them?

A:I think the biggest thing we’ve not mentioned is that Batman saves Catwoman’s life, but she also returns the gesture—with BONUS Batpod guns. Now how’s that for irony!
Is that a catalyst that helps Bruce unshackle himself from Batman? I don’t mean that he completely divorces himself from Batman (I don’t think that’s at all possible) but Batman’s one staunch policy is to never kill, especially with guns, and that is completely flipped on its head by Selina, who kills another person (OK, it was no ordinary person) to save his life using his guns. Call it irony or poetic justice—I know I would have to reconsider my philosophy after such an experience.
I don’t really want to go into Batman’s ethics here—that is many theses in itself—but I just want to highlight how Selina constantly and unabashedly walks in the areas that Bruce/Batman doesn’t (that is, morally and emotionally). Is that problematic for him? Of course, but I think what TDKR suggests is that they both become adaptable—to their situations, to their beliefs and to each other. And that leads to another integral ingredient to a lasting relationship: compromise.
I think it’s fascinating that Bruce would eventually end up with Selina, the theoretical antithesis to both Bruce and Batman. Selina isn’t “punished” for her crimes, because she simply “did what she had to” (yet it’s not for want of trying to get onto the sunnier side of the law—the “clean slate”). We can echo Rachel’s words from Begins: “it’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.” Bruce and Selina are both children of Gotham, conditioned by Gotham (but yes, raised in vastly different circumstances), but at the crux of what they do, and what they both want, they are in sync. It’s why Bruce isn’t mad at Selina, and it’s why Selina stays for Batman.


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