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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Pa

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
Its also not like mystique expected him to go into the circus.... I think like any mother who gives up a child she could be fearful (maybe azaezel is a horrid person and mystique simple didn't feel like she could protect him) there's plenty of reasons
You know explaining why Mystique gave up Nightcrawler will just create a lot of questions and confusion. There are other ways to develop Nightcrawler and Mystique other than the mother/son relationship.

Originally Posted by spideyboy_1111 View Post
You assume to much
No, there's no assumption. I already posted earlier why it would contradict Mystique and the moments that I listed are in the movies, its not like I just created those moments.

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