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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by Jamiestarr View Post
It sounds like you are saying that, with both Trilogies, Lucas set out to make movies that appealed primarily for young people, but that the first Trilogy happened to have a much broader appeal. Doesn't change the fact that both trilogies were aimed/marketed to young people and families.

Also, you somewhat implying that the Prequels are maybe closer to his initial vision?

Wait, you are reporting on what you've read, right? You didn't even see the OT in the theaters until 1997?

Again, were you alive to experience this? Star Wars was pretty much a commercial enterprise from the get go. It was hyped as much as a movie could be in 1977 and quickly tied into a glut of merchandise that followed. Again, Lucas with Star Wars basically invented modern day movie merchandising/promotion/hype. Studios didn't have the foresight to do this, Lucas did. Believe me, in the late 70's early 80's all things Star Wars were primarily aimed at kids. Ironically, it's only now that you see things like adult sized Star Wars footie pajamas, etc.

I hear you, but these were all in the Prequels as well. These are familiar /well used imagery found in scores Disney cartoons and fairy tales all aimed primarily at kids.

So no adults like The Prequels?

You should give specific examples that illustrate how the Prequels are vastly different in tone/age level than the Original Trilogy. I just don't see it. Not with oodles of "kids stuff" like Ewoks, squeaking robots, talking puppets, and burping frog monsters.

There are MANY valid critiques to be leveled at The Prequels, but I don't think that the age level was VASTLY different from what came before.

Campbell is all over The Prequels as well. Willing to provide examples if you want. Have you ever seen History Channel's Star Wars: Legacy Revealed?
If you were there do you really remember it correctly? or just in your small confines that you saw? See we both can play that game. There is a lot of documentation of everything, and it's not hard to find. Also I have many friends/parents/people that I work with that I have spoken with over the years that tell me all about it, that were adults when they first came out. So let's not try to use that as some argument point. Another you know how much after inflation the OT made over the PT? Trust me it's not just kids going to see it, the sheer amount of it says otherwise. And again it got nominated for a lot of stuff at the Oscars that year, including best picture, best actor. Did they lose? Ya, but to be nominated still says something about the quality.

Do adults like the prequels? Some do of course. As for the commercialization....not really. Lucas had no idea that the toys would take off. You should read his stuff biographies or more so the Secret History of Star Wars (made up of 95% of actual quotes from the man back then) Fox and no company every thought merchandising would be a hit, neither did Lucas, he sat on an island with Spielberg thinking Star Wars was going to be a massive disaster. But it ended up being completely different and then the toys started to sell after the fact. That is why they could not make enough, they had no idea. Remember the empty promise boxes of figures? Do you know why? Because they did not have enough because they did not plan for that. After a while, mainly after ESB yes it became more merchandising. ROTJ was the first showmanship of that, with Ewoks, and all the things you mentioned.

Lastly the tonal shift, I've gone into it so much before. Red Letter Media (recommend to watch if you have not) went into it for 6 hours and it would take me even longer.

The prime problem with the tonal shift was you went from (especially ANH and ESB) films with no kids, no kid soft cuddly things made at all. ESB there is one kid that runs by in Cloud City. With ROTJ you created many of the more kid friendly things, to me (though still quality but slipping) Ewoks being the main thing a cute cuddly thing. With TPM you had a cartoon rabbit following them around someone would a child. You had young kids being the main characters, Boba, Anakin ect. Now funny enough the tone did change in ROTS I will say that, but the film making standard did not.

Was the PT what George really wanted? Yes it was. And its not good. It shows that Lucas is not that good when he does it himself. The OT was made by so many people so many ideas, and restrictions caused the films to be what they were. With the PT George was the emperor. The one man that ruled it all, and decided everything. Because of that is the result known as the PT. And honestly it shows in his SE's of the OT because he keep changing most things for the worst. His ideas are not always the greatest. Gary Kurtz and many others would say no to him. Which he states many times. The reason Gary was not brought back for the PT was because of that, he hired Rick who was the yes man. Funny enough they let him go in September.

Is there Campbell stuff in the PT? Yes. But the characters/story is uninteresting enough that I don't care to go back. Of course it is ripe with the mythology, especially the stuff surrounding Anakin. But the execution was poor.

As for the puppets, they were made to look like real monsters, real aliens. The "cute design" was not a massive factor in the first two. Which most consider the best. It was really during ROTJ that that started to change, George took over more control. He even admits that ESB was Irvin's film not his. And that he was involved the least with ESB out of all six. The problem is what are the puppets? Cool looking monsters? Or cute cartoon rabbits and teddy bears.

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