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Default Re: Nolan wasnt any more "faithful" then Tim Burton

i see there seems to be 2 camps here. the blatant nolan-is-god people (they still exist?), and the more sane people who recognize nolan took just as many liberties as the other directors.

for my money, burton got the look of batman perfect and the villians actually looked more like there comic counterparts. but nolan changed them way too much. twoface is more like half a face, joker's an ICP clown, scarecrow just a guy in a buisness suit *most of the time*, bane lookin like a mortal combat ripoff, catwoman more like the 60's show without the whip. i just dont like nolans version of these classic villians. they seem rather dumbed down in order to ground his movies. i like the more comic book approach. for instance, it would have been cooler in TDKR if when they showed crane at the court, he was wearing his scarecrow mask. but alot of the scenes are just people talking alot. just seems lazy to me, especially what is supposed to be a comic book movie (despite what the nerds try to make it into something "more").

also, they have incorporated burtons style of penguin into many comics and animated shows like BTAS and the "the batman", and the long halloween comic. but they ussually tend to do this for whatever is popular at the time in the movies.

the point of my thread was simply to state that christopher nolan took just as many liberties with the comic books as tim burton and joel schumacher did. so why the hell people gets so worked up over nolans films as being these great adapatations is beyond me. as decent crime movies? yeah, perhaps. as great comic book adaptations? no. at least not to me. personally i dont think any director ever could get it 100% right as the comics are not the Bible and they are constantly changing characters, origins etc. but like i said, for my money, tim burton got it the closest.

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