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Default Re: Official Batman Beyond Appreciation Thread

I liked the first season and elements from the second season...

the third season had that annoying female character in it far too much and lost its flow a lil with only out of the past and that jlu 2 parter.

I also didn't like how terry always seemed fairly weak in crossovers with static and other heroes in jlu.

I liked how terry was not a polished fighter and was willing to fight dirty or go that extra yard for a win, I also liked how his villains were all noticeably more dangerous than the crime tycoons of batman's error, it reflects on the times more. A new type of batman was needed for a new society.

I liked also how terry grew with his fighting and detective skills. Beyond had some awesome villains and character designs though and the fights even now are on par with the best of jlu.

the only thing i would change were some of the details of epilogue. I would have had the dna altering experiments work but too late to have an effect on terry but his lil brother would actually be his half brother and he would be the perfect dna specimen of a crime fighter. His bro would come into the fold and become the new nightwing and future legacy of batman. A slight switch but he would give terry now that chance to take on bruce's role as mentor and would secure there was a future batman there ready for another generation of crime fighting.

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