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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

So basically the people who liked IM more liked it because it felt more like a comic book movie. That's exactly why I didn't like it as much. TDK seemed like they were trying to do something different.

Also, a while back someone said something about how ugly rachel looked. It's fine with me, I actually prefer movies to have women who don't look like models. Someone also said that in IM there were hints at the rest of the Marvel Universe. K, well, in TDK, there isnt' any other universe. Superman, Wonderwoman, Flash, GL, none of them exist, and it works that way. It'd be so stupid if they did. can you imagine Clark talking to bruce "o yea, even though you just tried very hard to let me know why your gadgets work in a fantastic yet plausible way....I'm just gonna jump on up and fly into space".

People also complain about the last 1/4 of TDK, but to me, the last half of IM pales in comparison to the first. The climax of IM is so predictable and so dull. TDK kept me on the edge of my seat. It may have dragged out a bit, but the Joker scene at the end was a great action movie climax and the three person staredown after that was a great crime thriller/action climax. So I really enjoyed that.

I will say that IM is the best "comic booky" comic book movie ever.

Definitely IM. TDK is great 75% through. Then it gets to those damn ferries and some of the worst acting and dialogue I have ever witnessed.
Have you seen Avatar? "YEA TAKE THAT B****" is actually a line in the movie. So while yea, TDK tries to get philosophical and to some people, it sounds smart, to others (you and me) it sounds a bit cheesey, I think it's far from the worst dialogue ever.

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