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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

why are you taking it so personal???
These are people's opinions.
1) I dont mind if the women in the movies arent supermodel hot but it makes no sense that Bruce has his heart set on this one plain chick when he is pulling this hotter russian ballet chick.
2) I am not asking for Superman to swoop in and save the day. However acknowledge the bigger universe that the character lives in. Mention cities and places in the DC Universe. For me the coolest moment in a comic book movie is when Tony Stark approached the general at the end of Incredible Hulk. The sad thing is that even with the superman reboot...where you have a guy who is doing all this fantastical stuff...they still are only havin superman be the only superhero.
3) The end of every comic book movie is predictable....the hero survives and the villain either dies or goes to jail.

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