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Default Re: How should Superman fight?

Originally Posted by griffolyon12 View Post
I would very much like to see the fighting faster than presented in say "Superman II" or even "Smallville". They always represent the blows Superman delivers to other, equally powerful foes as these great punches that knock them through walls. In my opinion, if two equally powered beings are fighting, then their blows will effect one another as a punch from one human will effect another human. We don't fly through walls when punched by someone of equal strength, so why should Superman? Superman and his foes already have these great, amazing abilities, so they'll be flying, grappling onto one another and ramming through walls. Still will be brutal and wreak havoc on the environment, but will be faster, like you mentioned about "Dragonball Z", which with Snyder's great prowess as to when to stylistically speed up or slow down action, this might actually happen.

I also agree with someone else's idea that when Superman fights, he isn't like Batman and is a trained martial artist, so I think his fighting would lack technical form. I always imagine the fights like a high school boy getting in a fight with the bully in the hallway. Superman does his best swinging his fists and tries to use his brain and the environment to win the fight.
Id have to disagree about the being punched then flying bit, its simple physics really an example would be that Superman weighs about 225 lbs right? even if his skin is like titanium it has no weight to it so if i were to hit him let say with the force of a mack truck going 100 kph do u think hes not gonna go flying? of course he will just like an opponent will when he hits them, unless they weigh about oh i dont know 100 tons or so they aint gonna be standing in one spot for 2 long. Now i said mixed martial arts, a kick every now and again and a good dodge/counter isent something thats way to far fetched is it ?

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