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Default Re: ADI Goblin Make up test what Green Goblin was gonna look like

They didn't go with the expressive mask for the same reason as the mech webshooters- they felt it would be too hard to explain its existance. And yes, the overall design of the Goblin suit they at first wanted to use would've been too expensive.

I understand the latter argument, but not the former. As Iron Man and so many films since have shown, if the audience likes what they see, the improbability of it doesn't matter. Again, we're talking about a story with a guy being able to climb walls after a spider-bite.

This mask would've worked perfectly and added dimensions to the character. There'd be no reson to worry about it looking cheesy- we're only seeing tests with poor lighting and camera angles. The only thing I think they should've worked on was the eyes.

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