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Default Re: TDKR SPOILERS (read at your own risk) - Part 5

Why does everyone discount the Foley character? Foley is simply the representation of the "John Doe" cop of Gotham. and in part the "John Doe" citizen of Gotham. It's in him we see the effect of Batman and his symbol the most. He's not the idealistic John Blake.
He's the everyday cop and through him we see what hope can do to inspire and shake people out of their complacency. When Bats has Gordon light that flare and it sends up the signal. And he looks out of his window and decides to fight instead of hide. that moment when he appears in his dress blues and leads the charge is when you see Bruce's mission finally comes to fruition. and yeah it's seen in the others too. Blake,Selina, the other cops etc..but it's most apparent in Foley.

And that is what this trilogy is all about. What is Batman? A Dark Knight of justice? No. He's a symbol of hope. That if good people find the will to act that nothing is impossible.

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