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Default Re: LOL "I'm Batman" - Part 6

The HarperCollins version of the DC Universe seems to have pretty lax restrictions on jurisdiction, however, because they can also be spotted in Gotham City, helping Batman as part of the GCPD, as seen in Fright Club:

They investigate the scene of Killer Croc's crimes in Reptile Rampage:

They even show up in Batman Versus Bane, a kid-friendly tie-in to The Dark Knight Rises:

Now, here's where things get tricky: Not content with DC's Gotham City and Metropolis, they also show up in Marvel's New York, usually helping out Spider-Man. Here they are in Spider-Man versus Hydro Man, trying to figure out how to clean up after a cement-filled super-villain battle:

And here they are apprehending Eddie Brock in the pages of Spider-Man Versus Venom:

Cuffing the Vulture in the imaginatively titled Spider-Man Versus the Vulture:

And, in what is probably my favorite shot of the pair, being completely mystified by what they're supposed to do when a spider-themed luchador beats up a dude made of sand by turning him into glass in The Sandman Strikes:

With so many collars under their belt, it's no wonder they get all smug during Battle Against Doc Ock:

But while policework seems to be their primary occupation, it's not the only thing these two do in these books. In Going Ape, they show up as a pair of Gotham City zookeepers that are threatened by Gorilla Grodd before Batman and Superman show up to intervene:

In The Toxic Terror, they're park rangers who run afoul of Poison Ivy:

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