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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - Part 10

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I've been wondering does anyone think he won't be called Superman til the end of the film? I just wonder aswell if he's gonna have to earn his name as Nolan seems to like to put things. Of course he won't be called Superman straight away I know but I just wonder if he won't be called it until the very end.
I'm more interested in all the different things he may be called. I've always liked the idea that Luthor would call him "alien" repeatedly, Lois calling him "Smallville" works pretty well to establish the city-girl versus country-boy tension they have, Jimmy sometimes calls him "C.K." as some kind of acknowledgement that Clark Kent sounds old fashioned, and only those really in the know ever call him "Kal-El," though "Kryptonian" works just as well for Brainiac and Darkseid.

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