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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by itchyscratch View Post
Rush should have a good audience in Europe and South America. Not sure how well an F1 movie will do in the U.S, but hopefully it will do reasonable figures there solely based on the Hemsworth and Ron Howard input.
I'll probably download the movie, doubt I'd see it in theaters. But it does look interesting and I love sports type movies. (Idk if we can call F1 a 'sport' in the states) I personally can't wait to see the Jackie Robinson movie, but that's something that I see anyone outside of the US not caring about, which is a shame since he did so much for the sport.

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
I'm good with his size, I'm more worried about his strength feats.

What's the point of a superhero being super beefed up if they don't do anything with it.
I keep telling myself that Thor is going to have those insane feats of strength in this movie. I hope I'm not let down but I'm also okay with how he and his strength have been portrayed so far, he for sure isn't a little league hitter. Cap is the one I want to see much, much more out of athletically and skill wise, and it seems like they are trying to showcase his skills in his movie so I hope they're doing the same with Thor. I need more than hammer throws and extended lightning summoning, I want like lightning charged hammer hits and even to see his full strength without the hammer being involved. Pick up something that looks almost impossible to move with almost no noticeable strain and throw that stuff like it means nothing!

That being said, Thor2 is probably my most anticipated movie, running close with GotG, because Thor1 was my favorite Phase 1 movie. It was so different compared to the others and I hope Thor2 adds onto that.

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