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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

It’s really hard to like something you’ve already set your mind to hating, like so many people seem to have done for this cartoon. It’s also pretty unfair to judge it based solely on comparing it to EMH. EMH was great but it’s gone, so can we judge this show on its own merit? Personally EMH didn’t grab me for the first six episodes, it wasn’t until the team assembled at the mansion that I started to love it. I certainly wasn’t blown away at the beginning of that either.

Hearing everyone hate on Avengers Assemble for months before it aired made me expect the worst, so I’m actually pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I’m glad they went with reassembling the team instead of starting over at the beginning again. We’ve already seen the team come together so many times in so many incarnations, so it was nice to just jump in with them already knowing each other and already having previous conflicts.

The animation will take some getting used to, I agree with others who pointed out the disconnect between the hand drawn elements and the CGI bits, but hopefully that’ll get better. There are a lot of cartoons that I don’t like the animation to start but it grows on me.

Ultimately I thought it was fun and not too dumbed down like people feared. Hulk and Thor were great, I loved their interactions. Hope to see more of Black Widow and really hope she’s not just a casual member like the website seemed to suggest. Love me some Hawkeye, as usual.

Overall I will keep watching and I hope more people give it a chance to gain its footing. I’ve seen many shows that started out pretty poorly in the beginning but grew into great shows.

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