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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 5

Originally Posted by JP View Post
While I certainly hope not, I don't see what that has to do with what I said. I'm merely talking about the reasons behind plot points in the original comic and how most of them don't hold up because they need to be adapted to fit in with where FC and the OT left off. Kitty was a new character in the comic, and they wanted to delve deeper into her character. That's not really where we are in the X-Men movies right now.

And that was terrible and unimaginative.

The last thing we need is having a girl in the 70s for the sake of having a girl in the 70s.
I could answer to the three comments, but I preffer to do it with the last one alone.

Its not just about having a girl, its about expanding the x-men world of the past, and right now, they have 5 characters already used on the previous movies. So they arent expanding the 70's world, just being unimaginative, as you say.

Thats why a few new characters would bring something new, fresh, to give one or two new characters a chance to get introduced to general audience and x-men fans alike, and expand the relationships of the FC characters too, showing how they meet and feel about the new faces.

More than one solid reason to include a new girl or two new characters, if you ask me.

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