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Default Re: Transformers 4 Twitter Reactions/Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Why is it so hard to make the Autobots/Decepticons engaging characters you emotionally root for/against.

It makes the action so much better.
They do, it's only a matter of how many you want. As has been said before, the main cast of people to care about isn't just autobots.

It's like saying all the people we care about in xmen(central cast) are fine but the film would be so much better if we care about even more, all the people involved in the action. The truth being all xmen films are guilty of having autobots(see that last one in particular). It's about the central ones. It's not like if Bee died in any one of these movies no one would care. Any film could be improved with more investment in more people but a films failure in this regard isn't measured by the quantity.

I was also surprised to find out lots of people cared about iron hide.

"I care because filmmakers now make films under crippling security because of parasitic gossip. makes movies worse"
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