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Default Re: Transformers 4 Twitter Reactions/Critic Review Thread

But if it’s state-of-the-art special effects, endless battle sequences, oodles of explosions, and some pretty dazzling production design you want to see, you won’t walk away from “Age of Extinction” disappointed. If anything, it’s loyal to its roots – a “Transformers” movie through and through. With the previous films in the series making a trillion plus bucks each, the cook clearly didn’t want to mix up the recipe for the fourth instalment. Sure, he’s replaced Shia LaBeouf (star of the original three movies) with Mark Wahlberg, and he’s introduced some funky new Transformers (including cartoon favourites, the Dinobots), but the beats remain the same. It’s more of the same – and for the fans, that’s likely all they want. Right, tiger?

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