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Default Re: The ferry should have blown up

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
It shouldn't. Its thematic implications are clear.

The scene is a mess , bloated , even if it aint that long. I would call it the worst section of any Nolan movie. Its just a slug in such a kinetic movie. Great idea but im not fond of the execution

Looking back at it , its funny how they react exactly the same way like they did in Rises . In complete apathy. They just follow the rules and simply cannot react. Until the prisoner decides to throw it away "Give it to me, and I'll do what you shoulda did ten minutes ago".

Its cool to see the same sort of apathy in a bigger threat and grander scale in Rises.
Good points about apathy, seeing as Bruce wanting to "shake people out of apathy" (there's that plane scene again ). Although I do dig the ferries scene.

But yeah, I think robbing TDK of it's one moment of optimisim would have been a fatal error. Batman deserved the vindication there, and the audience deserved some relief.

I don't see Talia and Bane being the types of people who are waiting around on the results of a pyschopath's "social experiment" to adjust their own assessment of Gotham. They're very absolute and set in their ways, just like Ra's was. Talia's line about "innocent" being a strong word to throw around Gotham still had enough resonance, considering the events of TDKR.

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