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Default Re: Mark Millar now snubbing Marvel Disney...?

dr tactics your problem is you only see comic books as one way as light hearted,fun,big action spectacles and to be honest that is very close minded if a comic book movie can only have one tone and way it can be presented frankly this genre would be dead and boring right about now if that were the case
This would be a legit comment if the team said person was routing for (FOX Marvel) didn't have such a lousy track record (3 out of 9) while doing their own thing.

Nolan's work is really the only exception. He took a chance by doing something different and made a success of it but the key in that was that he did it with a great script and great actors. He also didn't make a habit in b*st*rdizing and shoe horning in random DC characters all for the sake of budgeting or marketing.

And since Marvel/Disney films have been anything but dead and boring I fail to see Dr Tactics having any problem here.

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