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Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
Goyer is mostly responsible. However, there were rumours that Snyder brought in someone to polish the third act and add an extra action scene. Jonathan Nolan is also rumoured to have given it a once over.

During the Sucker Punch press tour, Snyder spoke about how he would call up Christopher Nolan to pitch ideas to him (And he would reply "That sounds awesome." Snyder paraphrasing, I assume. )
In the Empire article, he talked about Nolan refusing to let him do things "just because it was cool" and that there had to be somekind of practical, concrete reason behind everything. (Who knows if these ones were about script things or other production stuff, though).
Awesome. Thanks for that.

Originally Posted by FilmNerdJamie View Post
1. ****. No.
2. Yes, Sir.
3. See #2.
So with #2, who was it? Nolan or Snyder? I'm curious if Nolan actually did have a hand in the script. Snyder I'd be unsure about after Sucker Punch. Did Snyder write parts of the Watchmen script though? I thought that was quite well done.

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