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Originally Posted by ModusPonens View Post
Okay. I'm pretty sure I'm caught up with all the interviews and info on the web. From what I've been able to gather, nothing about the authorship of the screenplay has been conclusive, other than the fact that it's officially credited to Goyer.

I remember someone's post on IMDb mentioned that Snyder added a third fight scene, but that rumor (along with everything else in the post) was apparently discredited as fan-fiction by a WB source.
I also think the original question is a little complicated. Goyer is not solely responsible for the story because he developed it with Nolan.

As for the script, rarely is one writer solely responsible -- especially with a film as big as this.

However, I would say that you can credit Goyer with a great majority of the work. Other writers were probably brought on to touch it up and not to rewrite it -- there is a difference there.

For instance, I get edits from my boss to touch up as he has to move on another project. At this point in the project, the edit has been mostly approved and I may just be swapping out some shots. Now I may add some good edits here and there but the whole piece is still his creativity and work.

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