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Default Re: Who are your least favorite characters in the entire X-Men film series?

Here we go. I didn't let "I've seen character X too many times"-thoughts affect my picks, just "Go away from my movie"-thoughts.

X3: Callisto, Juggernaut. Others: Archlight, Multiple man, "Porcupine man". I can't stand them. Annoying as hell. They...they were just there. No impact on me whatsoever, except for the annoyance. I don't need a 30-minute development for a character, but even the sheer first sight of them made me want to punch myself in the skull and stomach. And I did.

Origins: Wraith, Blob, Agent Zero, Silverfox. Guess they just had to have so many mutants. I'm a little sad all of them didn't die. I want them to have a horrifying, permanent end. I even gave a pass to Wade "not really Deadpool" Wilson.

FC: Riptide, Angel Salvadore. Riptide had no impact on me. Just a prop. The stripper-Angel annoyed the crap out of me - and I still don't know if it's the character itself or the actress. Maybe both. Also, Darwin. Not going to miss him. Good riddance to all of them. I had no problems with Emma Frost, which seems to be an unpopular opinion.

Every character from X1 and X2 gets a pass - even toad and sabretooth. I'm going to need to watch The Wolverine again to decide if Viper is just a minor annoyance to me or do I really want her out permanently out of my memory.

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