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Default Re: Mom teaches 9 yr daughter about sex by letting her watch

Originally Posted by mightiest_mortal View Post
I can't believe theyre making such a big deal about it. Some people are just more open to these things as others are. I have sex in front of people all that time, its not exactly a major taboo. They didnt include the child at all, they didn't care if the child was there or not, the child probably had no idea what they were doing anyway. I think they were just very open about their sexual activities and didn't realise it matterd so much. If people are naturists does that mean theyre automatically peadophiles/perverts for walking round naked in front of their children?
It is a taboo, a 9 yr old shouldn't be around while the parents are having sex, they should had keep the kid away and the kid most likely had a ideal what was going on consider they were telling her it's sex. I bet that girl going be screwed up as she gets older and it's illegal in most states and countries doing it in front of your kids.

As for naturalist, some are pervs. It's one thing to walk around naked while the kid is young but to continue doing it while he or she is in teens or older seems a bit off to me. I would never walk around naked in front of my daughter nude, I'm not a prude but think it's just wrong exposing yourself in front of kids.

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