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Default Re: Deadpool Spin-off Confirmed - Part 1

Originally Posted by celticpredator
^ Not a first timer....and won an Oscar.
Originally Posted by def28
I hate every aspect of XMOW except the opening 15 min and Creed. In Hoods defense the script is what made it so bad. It would have taken re writes to make that a passable movie not a different Director. Word is the Deadpool script kicks ass!
Originally Posted by MikeFrost
In Hoods defense, he had little control towards what the movie turned out to be...
All true, but the Gavin Hood point was an example of many things. One, someone who is a great director can still suck without the right control over a big studio film. Similarly, someone who is new to the scene will most likely be walked all over with a big studio film, especially with people like Fox or Sony.

Also, David Fincher did a couple of documentaries, before doing an average Alien film as his first blockbuster, with surprise surprise, Fox. Now sure, Alien 3 is passable, but no where near the quality of Alien and Aliens, and then Seven, one of Finchers follow up movies.

If a first timer has a lot of potential, the odds of them being allowed to spread their wings and fully explore their own abilities with Fox are very slim... With Fox, you get X-Men Origins Wolverine... Without Fox, with people supporting a new director, you get great movies like District 9. I wouldn't put any faith in a new director for this film.

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