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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Right now I dont see DOFP getting the 1 billion mark either

but we really dont know what kind of impact the sequel will have, specially having the two casts and such an iconic arc as Days of future, with sentinels and all of that.

So even if we dont get 1 billion, I think Fox has a big chance to gain 700 or maybe 800 millions.

I guess once we have first weekend numbers, the predictions willl say if they are on a great run or not.

I see much potential on this sequel. It will definetly top Last Stand, the question is How far it will go.
Again the big thing I see repeated on here is the idea that DOFP is a major selling point. It really isn't. It may draw in some fans it wouldn't have gotten before but the majority of people going to see this movie will be X-Men MOVIE fans and not have any attachment to the comic. They'll see it because actor/actress x is in it, or because they enjoyed First Class, or because the trailer looks good (if it does), or because they liked the old trilogy, or because they've got nothing else to see on a Friday night (assuming they bump it to a different date, which they'll have to if they hope to make even 30M during opening weekend).

If adapting a comic with a big fanbase was all it took to rake in money, then movies like Scott Pilgrim would have made a mint. XMOFP has got to bring something that the average movie goer will want to see. Spending two hours nodding at fanboys of an 80's comic is not going to be enough.

I really can't see this movie doing much better financially than TLS. Especially if it's a disaster (which seems more and more likely; I am terrified of Singer turning this into X4 which is NOT the sequel to First Class people want). They've got to tread carefully with this one, or folks will not be so willing to line up for a 3rd movie.

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